Our partners

All the studies show that Mondial Air Ballons® sheds a special light on the region by attracting many visitors. This is why it was created and it still is the organizers’ goal.

This was made possible by a network of dynamic private and public companies joining forces with Pilatre de Rozier Organisation, we call them the Partners’ Circle. The circle gathers partners, sponsors, providers, associated companies that are priceless actors of the event by providing financial or material support.

Collectivities, institutions, private companies of all sizes, associations… they make the event come true, each at different levels according to their own needs (budget engaged, type of participation, targeted publics).

It all started with a dozen partners, and over one hundred are now supporting each edition. This ever renewed trust strengthens the event and makes it a major international gathering.

In December of 2013, Pilâtre de Rozier obtained the “solidary company” label, which rewards our territory development ethic and our dedication to our partners, to which we provide a unique recognition. The goal of the Partners’ Circle is to ease communication and inter-actions, to value experiences and to allow the growth of synergies. Join us!

Advantages given to members of the Partners’ Circle:

  • Invitations to promotional events
  • Use of the event’s visual (not for commercial use)
  • Named on the event’s various communication supports (depending on investment)
  • Newsletter