GEMAB: good news for balloon lovers

16 Feb 2024

The 19th edition of the Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons will take place from Friday July 25 to Sunday August 03, 2025. The Lorraine-based company Groupe ABC will now preside over the event’s destiny.

After event designer Philippe Buron Pilâtre announced the end of his activities last July, the prospects of continuity seemed very hypothetical, and a great deal of commotion broke out on social networks.

The ABC Group, which is well known in Lorraine and the Grand Est region, is already well-versed in event organization, being France’s 2nd-largest event equipment rental company, and is also heavily involved in the Moselle Open tennis tournament, has submitted its bid to take over the GEMAB in December 2023. Groupe ABC has been a supplier to the event since 1999.

Philippe Buron Pilâtre will remain with the buyer until the next edition of GEMAB25, as technical advisor. Of course, the event will remain on the Chambley airfield, where it has been based since 1993.

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