Mondial Air Ballons®

The biggest gathering in the world

It’s been now thirthy years it earned a privileged spot among the major international gatherings around the world. Colorful show! International, sporting, cultural, touristic, economic, public meeting, bearer of strong values around fraternity; it is also a school of life for the hundreds of volunteers who join the organization. This gathering promotes tourism in the Grand Est region and of course air sports. Leading economic actor, Pilâtre de Rozier organisation is present daily on Chambley aerodrome (Meurthe-et-Moselle / Grand Est / France).

An international event

Gathering the world has always been the desire of the organizers. There are over 12,000 hot air balloon pilots in the world, about 500 gas balloon pilots, less than twenty pilots qualified on “Rozières” (combination of gas balloon and hot-air balloon), and a hundred airships pilots. This community is supported by approximately 40,000 permanent crew, casual and trainee pilots. Considering that less than 70 countries around the world have an aerostatic activity and that three-quarters of the pilots never leave their country or their region, the bet is ambitious to unite more than a thousand pilots and balloons, every other year on Chambley aerodrome, France! Every odd year, they enjoy being here, sharing this big party and offering a festival of colors to thousands of spectators.

The Balloon City

Perhaps the idea is it came from a journalist who had written “This weekend, we’re going to BallonVille!”. He was right, it is the balloon city that is built for each edition. Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation is present the whole year on the site with its various activities. 

The term remained! “BallonVille” was divided into four districts: Pilot, Public, Partner, and Organization, distributed around the airfield. A kind of country town with all services. A titanic work that represents over 30,000 m2 covered, over 15,000 parking spots, alternative routes, an efficient signage. Everything has to be set up and disassembled in less than a month!
And for communication, a daily newspaper “Aérofil”, a “Good Morning Chambley” radio, a video studio, two websites, social and community networks.

The different BallonVilles

  • Pilot: pilots registration, 150 camping spaces, parking, briefing hall, gas station, repair workshop, control tower, weather station, breakfast area, airfield with 3 tracks & taxiway.
  • Public: parking, information and tourism booth, the Gates of Lorraine, catwalk & entertainment, village of tourism, village of exhibitors, exhibitions, Aéromusée (museum), auditorium, conferences, ticket office, balloons shop, six aeronautics hangars, first flights, presentation of equipments, access for disabled people.
  • Partner: a village of 300 meters long with reception, club Pilâtre de Rozier, private areas, press room, restaurant and self, bar, “business class” room, boarding and first flights, commercial service counter.
  • Organization: accommodation for 160 people, catering, parking, technical and logistics services, rescue, cars and bicycles, offices and warehouses, multimedia studio.

For each district: toilets, water points, police, emergency and security.

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