Be a partner…

…of the world’s largest gathering of hot air balloons! Take advantage of international media coverage and participate in an event that gathers 400,000 visitors, 400 journalists, 40,000 guests and influent personalities, 3,000 pilots and crew members from 7 continents.

To be involved in this event, you have several options:


Chose an original way to have your company represented by sponsoring part of the entertainment, special day(s), competition…


Banners, exhibition of material on the event, ads in the communication supports… And even a balloon with you company’s colors or logo?


In the private quarters “BALLONVILLE-PARTENAIRE”: receive your customers, co-workers or prospects in a private booth in a reserved area.

For a limited number of guests, get some PROMENADE or SALON passes (details upon request)


An amazing gift, a unique experience that will be appreciated and remembered!


And to keep an even stronger memory of this fabulous adventure, the shop opens its doors: eco bag, cap, shirt, jacket, mug, keychain, sweatshirt … the range of items on offer will satisfy all cravings.

Do not hesitate to contact us to receive our catalogue.

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→ These different services can be mixed. We advise you to arbitrate based on your target audience, your availability to support the operation and the exposure you want to get from your partnership.

Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons® is divided into four villages spread around the airfield, called “BallonVille”: Partner, Public, Pilot and Organization.



For information on our offers, advice or personalized requests, please talk to Aline Dufour.