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Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons



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Visitors and families

Two majestic mass flights punctuate the days of the GEMAB with activities on the ground and in the air for the whole family. The most intense experience: a first flight in a hot air balloon!

Pilots and crews

They come from all over the world to participate in the take-offs, the pilots’ parade and the big take-off in line. They gather every two years at the Chambley airfield to share unforgettable moments.

Companies and local authorities

The event is a great communication operation for our partner companies and local authorities. Every customer, prospect, partner and employee is received in an extraordinary setting.

Organisation and volunteers

GEMAB represents the best of social, cultural and generational diversity. More than 400 volunteers and members of the organisation work together to create this 10-day festival.

A unique event in the world

More than 30 years ago, it was a gamble that should have had no tomorrow because it was designed to be unique.

Today, the Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons has become a world-renowned institution, being the largest gathering of hot air balloons in the world.

Our news

The pilot’s jacket in the hit parade

The pilot’s jacket in the hit parade

Since the 1990's, the Pilâtre de Rozier organization has been offering pilots registered for the GEMAB a beautiful multi-pocket pilot jacket, embroidered...

News and fake news

News and fake news

Following the GEMAB withdrawal announcement by Philippe Buron Pilâtre and Aline Dufour, many comments have been made. But the saddest thing is the amount...

Dismantling in the rain

Dismantling in the rain

What's better: set-up in the rain or dismantling in the rain? The former lasts a month, the latter a week. On the other hand, during the finale, the...


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