Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons

You were more than two hundred thousand by our side in 2021, thank you!

Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons #GEMAB is the big event to attend in France this summer.
A unique show in the heart of the Grand Est region:
the greatest international hot-air balloon gathering in the world!


“Unique by the size. Each edition is setting records. The event is taking place only every two years. An awesome show of hot-air balloon mass ascents to enjoy twice a day for no more than 10 days!”


2 daily mass-ascents

A few meters from security fences, hundreds of hot air balloons offer each flight a show that is still make all generations dream

Entertainments for the whole family

In BallonVille public, no scope for boredom! Both young and old alike can enjoy entertainments, food service, workshops, exhibitions … and dispose large balconies facing the launch field.

Your balloon first flight

Enter the tarmac, climb into the basket, feel the take-off thrill, enjoy the tranquility of the flight …let’s make your dream come true!

GEMAB 2019 best of


“Hundreds of pilots and crews from all other world inflate the colorful envelopes of their balloons in front of the public, morning and evening. Their take-off offers a wonderful and breathtaking show.”


Meet pilots from all around the world

A warmful welcome, an event conducted by an experienced team. Let’s share the friendly atmosphere of mass ascents, pilots’ parade, a launchfield steeped in history. Unique!

Up to 19 flight, all different, all magical

From Friday, July 26th to Sunday, August 04th, worldwide balloonists get together to share their passion.

Get part in the Great Line

Grand est Mondial Air Ballons holds several world records. One of the highlight is the lining up of hundreds of balloons along the aerodrom runway… several kilometers!

Florian Braure


“First the calm, then the joyful parade of crews, hot air balloons unfold … When signal is given, the peak of frenzy. Balloons expand, swell, rise, lift up, float in the air and fill the sky. The silence returns, but the show remains engraved in the memories of each spectator.”


500.000 visitors

500.000 visitors, more than 400 journalists et photographers, GEMAB is a unique and tremendous mean of communication!

Invite and enhance your custormers and co-workers

Ballonville Partner enables you to meet up with your customers, partners, staff members, along with their family! In a private corporate Lodge or in the business lounge, it offers you a unique environment to receive your customers, co-workers and prospects and share a magical show in a privileged framework for networking.

Make your customers fly

In addition to privileged access, give those you wish to cherish a memory they will remember for a long time: a balloon ride.

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