Balloons renting

Who has never stopped seeing the inflation or landing of a balloon? And who stops in front of a traditional advertising board?

The hot air balloon: impressive (over 20 meters high), original, source of dreams and admiration, this strange machine of more than two centuries never leaves indifferent. In today’s society, subject to the mass media, multimedia and environmental problems, the balloon established itself and found its niche.

A hot air balloon allows you to show your colors brand in the sky, and also to offer a ride to people you choose for a special unforgettable moment.


On the ground (tethered) or in the sky (in free flight), in France and abroad:

  • Institutional display (exhibition over specific sites)
  • Incentive / stimulation (flights for your colleagues)
  • Public relations (for your customers / suppliers / prospects)

We have the expertise and resources to meet your needs and set up outstanding events.

Estimates on request