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July 2013

The 5th day, the desires of dreams increase…

The 5th day, the desires of dreams increase… 150 150 presse

The organizers Pilâtre de Rozier or visitors, at Chambley Planet’Air, we are all fond of the same thing: our desires of dreams. Sometimes, the mornings without balloons are sad but smiles emerge on our faces when bubbles color the sky in the evening. Safety before everything, and weather is not within our control. But it will be with us tomorrow and the coming days. The wonder will continue to illuminate the sky and adorn our faces with radiant smiles.

Let’s go for the competition “13th Trophy LMAB®”!

Let’s go for the competition “13th Trophy LMAB®”! 150 150 presse

The sun has just risen on this new day at the aerodrome of Chambley Planet’Air, already several multicolored balloons invaded the sky to mark the start of the competition “13th Trophy Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons®”. The eyes constantly glued to the sky, spectators and Pilâtre de Rozier team never get tired of seeing this wonderful show.

Attempt of world record

Attempt of world record 150 150 presse

Yesterday was very emotional on the aerodrome of Chambley Planet’Air. Between the official opening with the President of Lorraine region and the attempt of world record, the visitors were not bored! While Mr. Dzelebdzic (the bailiff) counts the balloons via photos and videos before giving an official number that it is estimated between 363 and 373 already, this new day will be rich in discoveries for the visitors. Why not visiting the Aéromusée Pilâtre de Rozier (museum)? On nearly 400m2, this exhibition space is dedicated to the history of ballooning.

Tomer Sisley jumps at LMAB®

Tomer Sisley jumps at LMAB® 150 150 presse

Prestigious guests are present today on the aerodrome of Chambley Planet’Air. The astronaut Jean-François Clervoy, the aviation expert and air poet Gérald Feldzer, and the French actor Tomer Sisley were here. The Largo Winch hero has even jumped from the FreeJump plateform, an activity present in “BallonVille Public” for this weekend.

Thailand for the first time at LMAB®

Thailand for the first time at LMAB® 150 150 presse

In the morning, the team Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation had the pleasure to welcome for the first time a Thai crew, and this joy was shared. To participate in LMAB® was a dream for this people. Now they must take you beyond the dream with the first mass ascent of hundreds balloons at 6:30 pm.

Welcome to LMAB® 2013

Welcome to LMAB® 2013 150 150 presse

After 22 months of preparation, the team Pilâtre de Rozier is extremely pleased to welcome you at this 13th edition! Remember the Pilots’ Parade takes place at 6 pm, and after the first mass ascent.

Regional Council of Lorraine Day

Regional Council of Lorraine Day 150 150 presse

The day dedicated to the Regional Council of Lorraine, the main partner, is on July 27th. The inauguration is scheduled at 5 p.m. An opportunity to showcase all the actors of the festival. This Saturday, July 31st and August 3rd, the cameras of Lorraine.eu will film in live the evening balloons ascent. A stage will welcome many guests. This will be the official beginning of the 13th edition which took place for twenty years in the airfield of Chambley Planet’Air. The tricolor ribbon for the official ceremony will arrive by air.

Offices are changing

Offices are changing 150 150 presse

As Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons® approaches, an intense activity reigns in the offices and hanagrs of Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation. 24/7 the teams take turns to develop the last details of the 13th edition. An ambitious challenge to complete on time when the first pilot will arrive, probably from the United States.

New entrances for everybody

New entrances for everybody 150 150 presse

For a better welcome of public during Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons® 2013, parking lots were redeveloped. Please note that the public entrance will be from south of the Chambley Planet’Air aerodrome (from the village named Saint-Julien-lès-Gorze). Guests, buses and motorcycles will pass by the north (Hagéville). Crews and disabled people will come from the west as in 2011 (Dampvitoux). Admission and parking for public are offered by the Regional Council of Lorraine!

The Village of Sport

The Village of Sport 150 150 presse

In partnership with the Regional Council of Lorraine (the Sport Direction) and CROSL (Regional Olympic and Sports Committee of Lorraine), a Village of Sport will be located on the balcony during Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons® 2013. It will bring together the Lorraine athletics league, the Lorraine triathlon league, the Lorraine table tennis league, and the Regional Committee of French Alpine Club. This village will give the opportunity to discover some of the sports practiced in Lorraine.

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