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March 2015

Birth of a great man

Birth of a great man 150 150 presse

On March 30th, 1754, Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier was born, the first man to fly! In a hot air balloon, he flew with the Marquis of Arlandes. What would be the world without this exceptional scientist who brought his dreams to reality.
This anniversary is an opportunity to remind that the biggest balloons gathering in the world, LMAB® 2015, will take place from July 24th to August 2nd at the aerodrome Chambley Planet’Air. See you soon in a few months!

And one more!

And one more! 150 150 presse

This week it is the flag of Belgium that Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation hoisted on the hangar G, the organisers’ offices of LMAB® 2015. The team wholeheartedly hopes the biggest balloons gathering in the world will be the place of fraternity between nations. That’s the spirit of the event since 1989! Come to the capital of ballooning on Chambley Planet’Air (France) from 24th July to 2nd August, 2015!

“Souvenir” of LMAB® 1999

“Souvenir” of LMAB® 1999 150 150 presse

On August 11th, 1999, the total eclipse of the sun closed LMAB® 1999 which exceptionally lasted 13 days, 16 years ago. It was raining that day… Luckily for a few minutes the clouds opened to reveal the wonderful spectacle that we will not watch before 2081. A nod to the 6th edition of LMAB® in this day of partial eclipse!

Swiss flag & Solar Impulse 2

Swiss flag & Solar Impulse 2 150 150 presse

This week, Switzerland honors the hangar G of LMAB® 2015. Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation team wished to hoist the red and white flag to congratulate André Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard, the Swiss pilots of Solar Impulse 2. They are trying to achieve a world tour with the first solar aircraft capable of flying day and night, without fuel only the sun. “Bon voyage” to these wonderful pilots! We hope with all our heart that Bertrand Piccard has finished this world tour to participate in the 14th edition of LMAB®!

How did LMAB® start?

How did LMAB® start? 150 150 presse

25 years ago…

Remember in 1989, a group of young people began the craziest adventure with “Fraternity 89”. Their most important dream? Organize a huge balloons gathering, bringing together the aerostatic planet in the Lorraine region. In 2015, the challenge is confirmed… Thousands of pilots around the world have already come and shared together the joy of flying during ten days of festivities at LMAB®. A unique show in the world revived with passion, each edition, by children and adults. LMAB® 2015, an event to be enjoyed without moderation and “Nowhere else”!

The aerostatic celebration of all countries!

The aerostatic celebration of all countries! 150 150 presse

This week the flag of Germany is hoisted on the hangar G, the meeting point for pilots from around the world to celebrate all together LMAB®! For the 14th edition, Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation invited more than sixty nationalities to come flying in the biggest balloons gathering in the world. See you soon on Chambley Planet’Air!

LMAB®, number one in the world

LMAB®, number one in the world 150 150 presse

The gas station too

LMAB® has had a wonderful gas station, the biggest in the world, since 2011 on Chambley Planet’Air airfield! With 150 fuel lines, it is possible to fill the balloons gas tanks in a record time and safely. The only negative thing is that the bar has no reason to be, we do not have time for that. But it will happen another time during ten day of festivities!

140 days from the beggining

140 days from the beggining 150 150 presse

The interest is growing, from the public, the pilots, media and members of the organization. But the secret is still kept about the contours of the 14th edition. Already the 2015 image and the slogan “Nowhere else” have been divulged. For the rest, more duties than rights, we have to continue being the biggest balloon gathering in the world with a nice program in perspective. We promise that!

Blue, white, red

Blue, white, red 150 150 presse

Last week the United States was honored by its flag on the hangar G. This week, Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation hoisted the one of its country, France. The colors blue, white and red sit proudly on the main building of LMAB®, illuminating the Lorraine sky of Chambley Planet’Air airfield.

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