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May 2015

Aérofil n°163

Aérofil n°163 653 182 presse

Special « LMAB® 2015 »

It is here at last… Discover now the newspaper Aérofil 163, special “Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons® 2015”. Remember this newspaper is daily during the event, all important information will be written there! Enjoy reading!

Don’t hesitate to go back and read the newspapers of 2013, it is always a pleasure!

Discover BallonVille Public

Discover BallonVille Public 1017 350 presse

In “BallonVille Public”, discover the (im)possible and (in)conceivable activities! You could reach this area by the village “St-Julien-lès-Gorze”, to arrive at the car parks which go to the boulevard Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

From the entrance on the side of Hangar Balloon, near the central Information Booth, the Village of Tourism presents the wealth of the region. You have to visit the Aéromusée Pilâtre de Rozier, the history of the base and the one of ballooning, with its shop of “balloon” products (goodies, caps, t-shirts, sweatshirts and more) to the LMAB® effigy.

Along the boulevard, we find the Village of Exhibitors (local producers, artisans and merchants). On the esplanade, the Leisure Area to spend good time. At the heart of BallonVille Public, the Entertainment Stage, with radio of the site “Good Morning Chambley”, allows every day to win balloon flights. Going on the boulevard, you could reach the “Air Workshops” from astronomy to aerospace through aviation. Children can build little balloons, water rockets and learn the secrets of weather on the Weather Area with “Météo Lor’” and “Air Lorraine”, Astronomy Area with “CIACANE”, the Aerophoto, the Garden of the Wind, and the “selfie” stands.

Another point of attraction, the Village of Sport with the Regional Olympic Sports Committee (CROS) of Lorraine and the Directorate of Sports (of the Lorraine region), you can learn about athletics, duathlon (running and bike), climbing, roller skate, and handball.

Among the six hangars (along the boulevard), the Interfederal Regional Committee of Air Sports (CRISA) offers an exhibition of flying machines in the Hangar Glider. The bravest people can enter “in the belly of a balloon” and follow the ballet of the remote-controlled model balloons with “Mini Ball Passion”. Also find the museum of air photography in the Hangar Helicopter and an exhibition of microlights in the Hangar Microlight.

The entertainment starts at 4 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays. At 11 am on Wednesday (Children’s Day). And at 2 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Each night, an evening is offered: astronomy, model balloons takeoffs, and the “Night Line” (swelling of balloons).

A lot of reasons to come at Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons® 2015, this exceptional event, on Chambley Planet’Air. And don’t forget entrance and parking are offered by the Regional Council of Lorraine and the partners!

Foretaste of #LMAB15

Foretaste of #LMAB15 1800 1200 presse

A foretaste of #LMAB15 discover the passion for ballooning with this video shot during the Days of Ascension! Share it if you like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCJZLTUDFik

The Pilots’ Parade

The Pilots’ Parade 4288 1918 presse

Every night before the mass ascent, the balloonists from around the world do the “show”: the famous Pilots’ Parade. The spectators will have the chance to see coming with great fanfare the crews from all countries, they will parade on the airfield to proudly represent theirs nationalities! Flags, upbeat music, colorful trailers, baskets and other surprises await you in honor of the balloonists. The Pilots’ Parade is the announcement of a wonderful show, the aerostatic ballet of hundreds of balloons. Discover unforgettable moments from July 24th to August 2nd on the airfield Chambley Planet’Air!

Favourite guests

Favourite guests 1024 707 presse

They have become unconditional friends of LMAB® for very many years. The trio will be restored with the astronaut Jean-François Clervoy, the aeronautic specialist Gérard Feldzer, and certainly Bertrand Piccard. They will share their aeronautic passion. Many other guests are expected for the 14th edition. See you soon on Chambley Planet’Air airfield !

Chambley veterans

Chambley veterans 1024 547 presse

Special guests

A great delegation of veterans, they were on Chambley Air Base France between 1954 and 1967 led by Bob Sisk (who will celebrate 81 years old), will be at #LMAB15. The strong links between the association of former US militaries from Chambley and Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation existed since 1991. The first area of the Aéromusée (museum) about the history of the air base is largely completed by the gifts of American members, treasures to discover soon!

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