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July 2017

MAB-Région Grand Est trophy results

MAB-Région Grand Est trophy results 4450 1867 presse

The MAB – Région Grand Est trophy was given before Saturday night’s pilot briefing. A sumptuous Lalique was waiting for its winner on the podium alongside a champagne bottle. The winners are Pierre-Antoine Roussel, Raphaël Zuccolo et Graeme Church. They are French, Swiss and British respectively. Therefore the Marseillaise rang out in the Hangar G and it was followed by a moving speech by Philippe Buron Pilâtre. Congratulations to our three winners!

The Very Old Burner Trophy and the Passing the Burner Challenge didn’t take place regarding the bad weather conditions.

Stratospheric audiences

Stratospheric audiences 4450 1867 presse

The Great Line wasn’t the only record beaten today. In fact, the media coverage also took off, by the number of journalists and the audience. Media came en masse from all over France but also the world to enjoy and have others enjoy this incredible show. The #MAB2017 has been the common theme of the morning show on CNews, whereas the event was on everybody’s lips and cameras, from the Chine Nouvelle press agency to TF1 through Radio Jerico. In terms of numbers, the Facebook page of France 3 recorded over 25 000 views in 2 hours and reached over 100 000 people. The counts are far from being over.

New RECORD: Sky is the new limit

New RECORD: Sky is the new limit 1692 716 presse

We have been waiting for it since Sunday. It is under a sky in fifty shades of grey that the world record has been broken: 456 balloons have been officially count on 8880 meters.
Unofficially, we were nearly 500 balloons but not everyone of them met the criteria of the world record. Thus we have quite a margin for future Mondials. We warmly thanks the pilots who stayed with us until the end.
We will remember this morning when on the airfield euphoria was waltzing with the emotion of the show.

A successful first flight

A successful first flight 5760 3840 presse

There is no lack of spectators and nice weather in this 15th Mondial Air Ballons edition’s launch, what could be better? After many weeks of infrastructures’ setting up, it was time for the most international hotair balloon gathering to welcome pilots, public and partners. For this first day, 250 hot-air balloons took off providing public enjoyment. A very encouraging start.

The final preparations before the Grand Rendezvous!

The final preparations before the Grand Rendezvous! 1744 960 presse

The Mondial Air Ballons represents 150 volunteers coming from 11 countries! Just a few hours before the world’s largest hot-air balloon gathering’s opening, it’s time for the traditional volunteers’ photo.

A big operation which need a masterful organization. It took two years of preparations and a month for the structures’ implantation in the aerodrome of Chambley. To realize the impact that represents the event, discover the interview of Denis Buron-Pilâtre, in charge of the Mondial Air Ballons’ logistics.

Watch the video on YouTube

D-3 before the Grand Rendezvous of the summer!

D-3 before the Grand Rendezvous of the summer! 5312 2988 presse

In three days, hundreds of balloons will float in Chambley’s sky (54 – Grand Est Region). From July 21st, ten days of celebrations around the air are planned. The last adjustments are in progress in order to offer the visitors a wonderful and colorful show in the middle of summer. Roll on #MAB2017!

The press kit is online!

The press kit is online! 2082 2401 presse

You were waiting for it?
Here it is, the brand new #MAB2017 press kit!

Dowload it here or in the press section of our website

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