100 days left before #GEMAB19 and did you know that…

100 days left before #GEMAB19 and did you know that…

100 days left before #GEMAB19 and did you know that… 3333 1744 Mondial Air Ballons

Here we are, only 100 days left before the summer event! We enter the final stretch and here, on Chambley aérodrome, things are speeding up. In about 3 months, the balloon city will be out of the ground, ready to welcome visitors, partners, media,… Team are on the starting blocks to make everything ready for the D day. A huge organization, for an event which is part of the 10 best events in France and which is proudly written in the Grand Est regional heritage.

Are you a #GEMAB19 expert? If so, did you know that…

  1. The Mondial gets over 175 partners, who, thanks to their financial support, make the event possible.
  2. The free entrance and parking are one of the basis of the event. Both are offered by the Grand Est region to encourage social link.
  3. All hot air balloon pilots are certified, but the majority of them are flying as a hobby. Meaning that, outside of the hot air balloon sport, those men and women have their proper profession. Fun fact, among pilots presents at the event there is… a priest, hot air balloon passionate and loyal to the Mondial 😉
  4. The Mondial gets people closer and creates link which sometimes go beyond friendship: the event has seen many unions created, and many marriage proposal being pronounced on its ground.
  5. On the Mondial, several balloons are equipped with a basket to host and transport disabled people, making the dream accessible to everyone.
  6. Outside of morning and evening mass-ascents, a lot of entertainment are offered to the public on the ground: getting inside a balloon belly, demo of radio-controlled hot air balloons, water rocket, weather lab’, astronomy workshops, for the younger ones, paper model balloons workshop and coloring, … Activities for all ages and interests.
  7. Many inhabitants of Chambley and villages nearby are offering hospitality to pilots and their crews during the Mondial. A friendly gesture, basis of unforgettable memories and long-lasting friendships.
  8. During an edition of the Mondial, we serve to the organization team 25 000 breakfasts, 50 000 coffees, 45 000 french croissants, 20 000 liters of water. It is also 175 kg of evacuated garbage, 25 km of electric cables, and all this with only 4 hours of sleep per volunteer and per night.
  9. The event generates 28 millions euros of direct economic benefits for the local economy. It widely participates to develop and spread beyond borders the Grand Est region territory.
  10. Chambley aerodrome extends on about 456 hectars. It is a former military airfield of the Maginot Line, which has became American base, then property of NATO from 1957 to 1967, and finally rehabilitated by the region in an aerodrome. The hot air balloon airfield extends on 250 hectars which is equivalent to 344 football pitch.

Meeting from July 26th to August 4th on Chambley aerodrome to celebrate the event 30 years.

100 days left, be ready! 

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