Pilots, here are 7 good reasons why Chambley will be the place to be in 2021!

Pilots, here are 7 good reasons why Chambley will be the place to be in 2021!

Pilots, here are 7 good reasons why Chambley will be the place to be in 2021! 507 507 Mondial Air Ballons

We are so impatient to see the first hot air balloons mass ascent of #GEMAB21. But still, some month seperate us from the event. Waiting for it, we give you seven good reasons why Chambley will be the place to be in 2021:

1. The number of flights

Since 1989, the average number of flights is 14 out of 19. The Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons is indeed the event with the highest number of scheduled flights. Statistics prove that it takes place at a most timely date.
In 1995, we did perform the highest number with 18 flights out of 19! The edition recording the smallest number was in 2015 with only 8 flights; rain and wind had thwarted 11 flights.

2. The largest balloon gathering in the world

Taking part in the largest international hot-air balloon gathering in the world. With a thousand registered pilots, #GEMAB is the event that brings together the most hot-air balloonists in the world. The Guinness World Record of the greatest mass ascent attests to this. Latest best performance to beat is 456 balloons aligned in 2017.

3. Worldwide media coverage

Take advantage of international media coverage: The worldwide coverage of the event offers ten days of spotlight. A unique opportunity for pilots to showcase their colours through the images, texts and videos broadcast by the 400 accredited media. Not forgetting as many as 500,000 spectators who attend the show. Finally, the social networks strongly complement the communication campaigns which are spread over 24 months.

4. International meetings

International meeting place: Chambley aerodrome brings together more than 40 nations on the take-off area! On the occasion of #GEMAB, you can meet pilots from all over the world: Dutch, English, German, American, Mexican, Brazilian, Russian, Israeli, Taiwanese, Latvian … The list is long! It is a place where all cultures mix, where hot-air balloon enthusiasts meet to talk about their common passion.

5. A territory rich in history, gastronomy and heritage

Discover the French territory, the Grand Est and the neighbouring regions : Alsace, Lorraine and Champagne Ardenne now compose the Grand Est region. From Strasbourg to Metz via Reims and Troyes, discover this region of history, gastronomy and heritage. But also its cuisine and its varied local products, with champagne, beer and Mirabelle at the top of the list. And don’t forget that Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg are less than an hour’s drive away. We wrote an article about it by the way. 😉

6. Flights in all serenity

Navigating in a serene environment: Flying in the middle of hundreds of balloons is not the dream of every pilot. With its 250 hectares of take-off area, you can find yourself in the middle of hundreds of balloons, or choose a quieter spot to take off. For 30 years there has been a perfect marriage between balloonists and the local population (including the agricultural world) as pilots and locals live together in perfect harmony. The good weather conditions in general are complemented by numerous large landing fields around the aerodrome.

7. Pilots first!

The high esteem for pilots : A large international balloonists attendance and safe flights are essential. These are the reasons why the organisation attaches a real importance to your welcome. Moreover, do not hesitate to ask us for the best options and advice regarding accommodation, car rental, freight arrangements, etc. We are committed to finding the best answers.
I am at your disposal to help you have an excellent stay. And don’t forget, your registration includes a French breakfast every morning, but also a beautiful embroidered pilot vest and of course a propane station which allows you to refill your cylinders in record time.

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