30 years in Chambley

27 Mar 2023

It is difficult to realize that the Mondial has been held in Chambley for 30 years. Even more incredible to remember that the first Pilâtre de Rozier challenge during the Mirabelle festival was born in 1983, forty years ago. On the scale of satisfaction, it is difficult to choose one edition rather than another. Of course, 1989 remains as the peak of madness where the impossible was played out. A furious desire to convince that it was possible. Beyond what was reasonable, but without jeopardizing the safety. We could also mention 1999 with an addition of 3 days to the event to attend the total eclipse of the sun. But what is common to all these first 17 editions is the quality of the conviviality and the joy of sharing beautiful moments together. Hence the slogan of 2023 which summarizes very well what we have lived since these long years “Higher together”.

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