The Partners’ Circle: an original feature of #GEMAB

16 May 2023

Since 1989, the access for the public as well as the parking are offered by the partners of the event. Nearly 500,000 people from all over the East of France and abroad will be able to attend the hot air balloon flights up close in the morning and in the evening. And the rest of the day they benefit from many entertainments. The partners are either communities, private companies or institutions. They use the event to make themselves known, to receive their guests in the partner village. Partnerships can be technical or financial. In the partner village, they have access to the LAB’, the Promenade, the restaurant but also dispose of a corporate Lodge or the VIP Lounge. They are associated with all the communication operations organized by Pilâtre de Rozier. There were a dozen of them in 1989, led by the Regional Council, and today there are more than two hundred.

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