• #GEMAB19 : du 26 juillet au 04 août 2019

Mondial Air Ballons

a Pilâtre de Rozier event

D-50 before #LMAB15

D-50 before #LMAB15 1500 270 Mondial Air Ballons

At D-50 discover the retrospective video from the 1st edition to nowadays!

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Aérofil n°163

Aérofil n°163 653 182 Mondial Air Ballons

Discover now the newspaper Aérofil 163, special “Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons® 2015”

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Discover BallonVille Public

Discover BallonVille Public 1017 350 Mondial Air Ballons

In “BallonVille Public”, discover the (im)possible and (in)conceivable activities!

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Foretaste of #LMAB15

Foretaste of #LMAB15 1800 1200 Mondial Air Ballons

A foretaste of #LMAB15 discover the passion for ballooning with this video shot during the Days of Ascension! Share it if you like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCJZLTUDFik

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The Pilots’ Parade

The Pilots’ Parade 4288 1918 Mondial Air Ballons

Every night before the mass ascent, the balloonists from around the world do the “show”!

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Favourite guests

Favourite guests 1024 707 Mondial Air Ballons

They will come back at #LMAB15

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Chambley veterans

Chambley veterans 1024 547 Mondial Air Ballons

A delegation of veterans who were on Chambley Air Base France between 1954 and 1967

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Visit of the Aéromusée (museum)

Visit of the Aéromusée (museum) 1024 522 Mondial Air Ballons

the Aéromusée Pilâtre de Rozier is reopened !

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The pilot jacket

The pilot jacket 4371 2658 Mondial Air Ballons

An special gift Since 1989, the pilot jacket has always received all the attention from Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation team. This year is no exception to the rule. It will be red, inspired from the jacket “Husky” (quilted jacket). You will find embroideries on the back with the LMAB® 2015 picture, and on the front…

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#LMAB15 on Snapchat

#LMAB15 on Snapchat 284 177 Mondial Air Ballons

More than 20 years have passed, Pilâtre de Rozier Organization has used his experience to make #LMAB15 (hashtag to remember) the most connected event with its two websites and a dozen of social networks. For the 14th edition, you could connect to a new one, Snapchat, with the user name: lmabofficiel. If you scan the…

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