Ambassadors #GEMAB19

Pilâtre de Rozier Ambassadors for #GEMAB19


Since 1989, we invite, every two years, pilots from all around the world, on birthplace of Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier (the very pioneer in the history of human flight) to gather, share and exchange around their common passion for the air.

A great support of the ballooning community has helped us to raise the event Mondial Air Ballons® to the rank of the largest international hot-air balloon gathering.

Since 2013, we appointed Ambassadors of Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation to increase  attention to this message and thank some loyal pilots.

For the 30 years event anniversary, next edition, which will take place from July 26th to August 4th, 16 and 2 roving ambassadors will be chosen.

#GEMAB19 Ambassadors will be presented soon. 





Ambassadors from 2017 edition


> Benjamin EIMERS – Germany 🇩🇪

Hans PRAVDA – Austria 🇦🇹

Benoit LAMBERT – Belgium 🇹🇩

Josep LLADO-COSTA – Spain 🇪🇸

Joe DALY – Irland 🇮🇪

Nello CHARBONNIER – Italy 🇮🇹

Hans VAN HOESEL – Netherlands 🇳🇱

Ian CHADWICK – United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Anders AKVIST – Sweden 🇸🇪

Adam BARROW – Australia 🇳🇿

Sabu ICHIYOSHI – Japan 🇯🇵

Claude SAUBER – Luxemburg 🇱🇺

Valery LATYPOV – Russia 🇷🇺

Thomas SEIZ – Switzerland 🇨🇭

Donald EDWARDS – USA (West states) 🇺🇸

Richard JONES – USA (Eastern territories) 🇺🇸

A suivre :

Richard GRATZ – Czech Republic


You can see the video of some of our ambassadors from 2017 edition, expressing their feelings about the wonderful and unique event, what Mondial Air Ballons represents for them in this video. This video was created and broadcasted at the press conference on February 7th 2017.