#GEMAB19 Ambassadors

Ambassadors of Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation for #GEMAB19

Since 1989, we invite, every two years, pilots from all around the world, on birthplace of Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier (the very pioneer in the history of human flight) to gather, share and exchange around their common passion for the air. A great support of the ballooning community has helped us to raise the event Mondial Air Ballons® to the rank of the largest international hot-air balloon gathering. Since 2013, we appointed Ambassadors of Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation to increase attention to this message and thank some loyal pilots.

For the 30 years event anniversary, next edition, which will take place from July 26th to August 4th, 16 was chosen.

Please discover our #GEMAB19 Ambassadors.

Richard BOVELL
South Africa 🇿🇦

“I received my licence in 1979. I have 975 flight hours. I have flown hot air balloons in France, England, Hungary, USA and South Africa. As a personal record, my furthest flight was 57 km and altitude of 17 200 feet (with oxygen). My first participation in the event was in 2003 when I joined a team from Edinburgh University as a pilot for the event. I came back again with my own balloon in 2011 and I have attended every event since then. I am currently the Chairman of the Balloon and Airship Federation of South Africa.”

United Kingdom 🇬🇧

“I am flying balloons since the summer of 1967 and I have now 1500 hours. I have flown in many countries.
My personnal records: Two flights over the Atlantic Ocean and one flight from England to Russia, all in Rozière balloons (hybrid balloon: mixed gas balloon and hot-air balloon). I did the longest duration hot air balloon flight (at the time) and other minor records. I know the Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons from the very first edition.”

In 1971 he created his balloon manufacture, Cameron Balloons Ltd in Bristol, and it’s the world’s leading manufacturer.

Irelande 🇮🇪

Benjamin EIMERS
Germany 🇩🇪

Richard GRATZ
Czech Republic 🇨🇿

“I am a qualified pilot with over 1200 flight hours. Balloons are not only my hobby but also my career. I also manage a Museum of Balloon Flying. I am participating in the event since 2009.”

Desiree HEAD
USA 🇺🇸

“I began balloon in the late 1980’s when a hot air balloon landed in my yard in Florida, USA.  Soon, I was crewing with several balloonist and traveling to balloon events all over the Southeastern United States. In the1990’s  I became the Crew Chief for HEAD Balloons, Inc. and began traveling to balloon meets all over the world, for both hot air and gas balloons. My first trip to the Mondail was in 1993.  I have only missed one Mondail since then. The Mondail is very high on my list of events that I like to attend.  I really enjoy the people and the countryside (and the champagne!)”

USA 🇺🇸

“After experiencing my 1st balloon ride in 1980, I bought my 1st balloon (“My Blue Heaven”) in 1981 and became a pilot. Now, I own & fly my balloon “Desert Drifter” and have 1475 logged hours flying. I have flown in many festivals across the US and have flown in Canada, New Zealand & France. I love sharing my love of ballooning with others. I twice won the Arizona State Championship trophy. I attended the original “Fraternité ‘89“.”

USA 🇺🇸

Wlodzimierz KLOSEK
Poland 🇵🇱

“I am a hot air balloon pilot for 28 years. I have flown about 1280 hours. I have flown in France, Slovakia, Lithuania, United States, Austria, Germany and Poland of course. I was copilot in a hot air balloon flight up to 11 km of altitude. I take part in Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons since 1993.”

Spain 🇪🇸

“I had my balloon pilot licence in 2003 when I was 17, around 300hrs as a pilot. I have flown in Tanzania, Madagascar, Morocco, Malaysia, Philippines, Mexico, USA … and many European countries (Germany, France, Switzerland, Portugal …). I crossed the Kilimanjaro in 2011. I remember attending the event since she was a child.
A good memorie on the event for me was when I won the “passing the burner challenge” in 2005. I just got my licence two years before and it was the first award I won.”

Belgium 🇹🇩

“I am pilot since 1999. I have 1100 flight hours. I flew in many countries: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Ireland, Russia, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico…
In 2017 I participated to the “Crossing the English Channel” with 93 other balloons. I participated since 1997 to the Mondial Air Ballons.”

Austria 🇦🇹

“I am from austria and works in the austrian authority, responsible for commercial air transport and non commercial air operations. I am a balloon pilot since the year 2000, I have 1500 hours experience. My records and special flights was crossing the Alps in wintertime – max. height of 5600 meter with a flight distance 220km and a max. speed 115 km/h. I flew in several countries: France, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Netherlands and Israel. My first Mondial Air Ballons was in 2005. In 2007 I won the competition.”

Ballooning is freedom – we must keep the fire burning!”

Mexico 🇲🇽

“I am the Executive Director of the “Festival Internacional del Globo” on León (Mexico) that is the biggest balloon gathering in Latina America which exist since 2003.”

Thomas SEIZ
Swiss 🇨🇭

“I am a balloon pilot since 1998 with experience to fly in remote locations such as Iceland or Myanmar. I like the freedom of the free flight and the view from high above the earth.

I am participating at the meeting since I have my license and I won the long flight competition in one of the first editions.”

Malaysia 🇲🇾

“I am a pilot for 24 years. I have about 350 flight hours. I flew in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, India, Tunisia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia, Austria, Lithuania, Hungary… I was the first pilot to free fly a balloon in Vietnam in 2012 and the pilot with the most flying hours in Malaysia. I attended the event for the first time in 2017.”

Inga ULE
Latvia 🇱🇻

“I am a balloon pilot since 2007 with over 14 years of ballooning experience. With 800 flight hours, I flew in more than 20 countries: Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, France, Austria, Slovenia, Spain, Hungary, Russia, German, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovakia… From September 2017 till March 2018 I worked as a commercial balloon pilot in Asia. I know the event since at least 15 years.”

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