Award Ceremony
on Saturday, July 29th at 5:00 pm

15th Mondial Air Ballons® – Grand Est Region Trophy
from Monday, July 24th to Friday, July 28th

It is the opportunity for pilots to compare, on an international scale, their dexterity outside of the federal championship circuit. During the competitions that will take place over 10 flights, pilots must demonstrate their mastery of their balloon to accomplish the objectives for each contest.

Rules to download >>HERE<<

Previous winners:
• 1989 Olivier Roux-Devillas (F)
• 1991 Paul Spellward (UK) & Ozga Waldeman (PL)
• 1993 Steve Greenroyd (UK) & Daniel Dupuis (F)
• 1995 Daniel Dupuis (F)
• 1997 Owen Keown (USA)
• 1999 Andrzej Rogowski (PL)
• 2001 Josep Llado-Costa (SP)
• 2003 Steve Greenroyd (UK)
• 2005 Julien Breuillot (F)
• 2007 Hans Pravda (A)
• 2009 Klosek Wlodzimierz (PL)
• 2011 Kenneth Karlstorm (UK)
• 2013 Paschal Noor (NL)
• 2015 Benjamin Eimers (D)
• 2017 Pierre-Antoine ROUSSEL (F)

General ranking for 2017 : HERE


“Passing the burner” Challenge
on Monday, July 24th (in the evening)

This competition is paying tribute to the second generation of balloonists of “modern era” who have grown up in their parent’s basket. Entrants will have to prove his or her relation to the older pilot.

Rules to download >>HERE<< 

Previous winners:
• 2003 N/A
• 2005 Neus Llado Costa (SP)
• 2007 Gavin Chadwick (UK)
• 2009 Gauthier Hayt (B)
• 2011 Bastien Schwarz (DE)
• 2013 Brian Poussardin (F)
• 2015 Robbie Mansfield (UK)


“Very Old Burners” Challenge
on Thursday, July 27th (in the evening)

This contest is open exclusively to pilots that have travelled the skies for more than 20 years. You demonstrate your dexterity on a target set out before a crowd of spectators (“return to the fold”).

Rules to download >>HERE<< 

Previous winners:
• 2003 Pierre Pflumio (F)
• 2005 Rowland Benbrook (UK)
• 2007 David Turner (UK)
• 2009 Philippe Nieuwland (B)
• 2011 Nick Bland (UK)
• 2013 Philippe Nieuwland (B)
• 2015 Jean Dille / Bernard Catala (B)