Farmer agreement

You are on the territory of the Natural Park of Lorraine, a unique natural environment!

We are close to several Natura 2000 areas. We ask that you respect all the instructions given during the briefings. To make the most of this area now and in the future, please follow these few guidelines for the welfare of all:

  • Except for emergency, do not land or fly within 150 meters (from March 1st to August 2nd) of streams and wetlands in order not to degrade the aquatic vegetation or disturb the many animals that are sheltered and nest here.
  • Do not throw trash.
  • Except for emergency, do not land, or fly less than 30 meters from grassland where grazing animals are present.
  • Except for emergency, do not land in non-harvested crops.
  • Respect the areas of high ecological sensitivity of the map (given at pilots reception), and avoid landing too frequently on those.

Thanks in advance for following these instructions!

In addition: Farmer Agreement Protocol on hold