Mass Ascents
from Friday, July 21st to Sunday, July 30th 2017

The takeoff of several hundreds of balloons, it’s a firework in broad daylight! Every day, in the morning and in the evening, for ten days!

World Record on Sunday, July 23rd

“THE GREAT LINE” (in-line mass ascent) is undoubtedly specific to the Mondial Air Ballons®. Hundreds of balloons are lined up to achieve the greatest takeoff in the world.
In 2013, a French legal officer testified the world record of the “greatest” in-line mass ascent with 391 balloons. New record in 2015 : 433 balloons ! 

“Night Line” on Wednesday, July 26th
at 9:30 pm

Give the public the magnificent spectacle of a balloons line at night, a show quite exceptional to live as a pilot!