Practical information

Some advice before coming to Chambley aerodrome


  • Approaching to the land: turn on to 98.2 FM, the official radio of the event, “Good Morning Chambley”.
  • Once there, do not stay in the parking : join the event zone.
  • For safety reasons and regulations respect, it is forbidden to enter the launch area.
  • Remember the risk of bad traffic on the access roads. Many of you love the balloons. Do not arrive at the last moment.
  • Please keep dogs on a leash. Do not leave unattended children.
  • The first flights are regulated by law. Only authorized organizations on the site are covered by special insurances.
  • Do not forget your camera. For the night, remember to have a flashlight.
  • Admission and parking are offered by the Regional Council of Grand Est, enjoy the various activities of the site.
  • Parking is prohibited from 0:00 am to 05:00 am for security reasons.
  • Camping and barbecue are prohibited on parking.
  • You are in the Regional Natural Park of Lorraine. More than ever, thanks for respecting the environment. Do not litter.


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