10th edition of Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons

From July 27th to August 5th, 2007 (343,470 visitors)

1,187 pilots – 14 flights out of 19 – Chambley Air Base (Meurthe-&-Moselle)

The weather isn’t fair in the event’s beginning. This summer seems to be “the most rotten summer for long”. Since June (and almost till September), everywhere in France, it rains, the weather is cold and people are morose. But yet the show is magical. All was reconsidered on the site to better welcome all publics: pilots, crews, partners, guests, media and visitors. We host three new nations: Burma, United Arab Emirates and South Korea. There are 38 nations attending and new special shape balloons which never flew in Lorraine before. A double line of hot air balloons is carried out. An UFO is detected in the sky and makes it possible to talk about that celebration even several weeks after. The event’s name changes once again. The name of our main partner “the Lorraine Region” is now joined to that of the event. We have media repercussions in the whole world, more still than the previous years.

Reference Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation