11th edition of Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons

From July 24th to August 2nd, 2009 (425,000 visitors)

1,034 pilots – 12 flights out of 19 – Chambley Air Base (Meurthe-&-Moselle)

It’s hard to believe that the LORRAINE MONDIAL AIR BALLONS is already 20 years old !

The 11th edition featured twelve hot-air balloon mass ascents (out of 19 scheduled), a gas-balloon flight and a magnificent night glow. The star attraction was certainly the “Great Line” of 329 hot-air balloons stood up at the same time along runway and taxiway. This new world record has been testified by a legal officer (previous record was 261 balloons in 2005).

Peak period was recorded on the first Sunday with nearly 80,000 spectators. A global success interrelated with a significant development of “A Space Journey” recreation concept (virtual, static and dynamic) around astronomy, space and aeronautics.

Forty seven nations, 1,034 pilots, 2,672 crew members and 863 hot-air balloons joined for the event (an average stay of two days per crew) which did nothing but generate large economic and tourist fallouts. The aerodrome recorded 7,440 balloon take-offs and landings, without incident but also more than 1,100 planes movements. Trophy has been won by Wlodzimierz Klosek from Poland. Let’s remember also that for the first time, the festival hosted an international glider aerobatic master.

As for our 175 partners (companies and communities), they received 32,562 guests during the ten festive days : a high-grade celebration! Last but not least key figures, more than 2,500 people experimented with a first flight on hot-air balloon, ULM, plane, helicopter, paraglider, kite, etc. Lorraine Region government, site owner, has engaged important rehabilitation works which facilitated the running of the event, as for example, with the opening of the air traffic.

Reference Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation