2nd Biennale Mondiale de l’Aérostation

From July 26th to August 4th, 1991 (512,500 visitors)

1,100 pilots – 14 flights out of 19 – Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport– Moselle

It is always more difficult to organize a second edition when you’d planned there would be no other. Still we have more time to work on it. The site which has turned into an airport helps for an easier organization. The FIA (International Aeronautical Federation) acknowledges the event as “Category 1 Fiesta”. The show attracts a bigger crowd as our main partner “Lorraine Regional Council” takes the opportunity to celebrate on the occasion the opening of the airport. Some balloons are invited to make the show out of the field (on a decentralized site in the Vosges) and many European countries are attending.

Reference Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation