4th Biennale Mondiale de l’Aérostation

From July 28th to August 6th, 1995 (nearly 400,000 visitors)

18 flights out of 19 – Ancient NATO base of Chambley-Bussières (Meurthe&Moselle)

It is a very beautiful celebration. We are feeling better on this new field. We can develop new communication tools such as Internet. We organize more animations in between the flights. The number of partners increases. Our business grows also appreciably, we organize the fantasy film festival, the manufacture of hot air balloons started for good and our training center enlarges. For this edition, important charges are dedicated to improve the field. Many celebrities join us. And we decide to use the runway to line up the balloons for take-off. It is a successful try with 117 lined-up balloons on 2 miles. This year there, the size of the event increases with many entertainments, air shows, etc. More than 2,800 people realize their dream: to fly on board a balloon. For the first time the “Biennale” enters the Guinness Book with 425 hot air balloons counted on a single launching.

Reference Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation