Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

The older

October 1972 : first edition of Albuquerque «Balloon Fiesta» (New Mexico – USA) with twenty balloons. Sid Cutter (who died in May 2011) and Tom Rutherford are the two founders. If Santa Fe is the capital, Albuquerque is the city that has grown (600,000 inhabitants). Mountains in the east and desert in the west. The take off area is located between river «Rio Grande» and highway I 25. On a grassy platform, you can see, at dawn, fabulous flights of balloons. 500 balloons are present in October. Mostly American pilots but also fifteen nations. Not to be missed: the «special shapes» (Cow, Harley Davidson, Rocket, Eagle and many others).

«Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons®» and Albuquerque “Balloon Fiesta” are the two largest events in the world!

Reference Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation – Collector 2011