Fraternité 89

From July 28th to August 6th, 1989 (150,000 visitors)

723 crews – 13 Flights out of 19 – Future Metz Nancy Lorraine airport (Moselle)

A première! While organizing since 1983, the Challenge Pilâtre de Rozier in Metz, “Pilâtre de Rozier Organization” makes the decision to found in France on the special occasion of the Bicentenary of the French revolution, the greatest European hot-air balloon gathering and the second in the world after Albuquerque (New Mexico – USA). The show had to be imagined and set up in nothing but six months. The fiesta field was meant to become Metz Nancy Lorraine airport. A large area of 500 acres, still a true no man’s land. At the end of the meeting which was to perform only once, the decision was made to renew the event every other year.

Reference Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation