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July 2015

Back in the day of Wednesday, July 29

Back in the day of Wednesday, July 29 1800 1172 presse

Wednesday is the day of sports and youth! For the occasion, no less than fifty summer camps have ventured on Chambley Planet’Air to discover all these activities!

Mini hot air balloons, water rockets, “in the belly of a balloon“, glider simulator, airplane simulator and even a tornado simulator! Children and teenagers were very enthusiastic to try athletics, climbing, inline skating, triathlon and many others. Most deserving even had the right to churros!

LMAB volunteers have received training in first aid by the team of first aiders present on the site since the beginning of the event. They provide emergency medical assistance in case of small hurt of discomfort or more serious accident. So it is very interesting to send everyone the simple gestures that can save lives. Prevention is better than cure!

The boulevard was full of people this afternoon, the public came in mass in this fine weather to attend the mass flight of the evening. Unfortunately the wind did not fall quickly enough that it happens in the best safety conditions. But all was not lost since, 10pm, Night line has formed in front of the hangars and the partner town, to the delight of all. Seeing all the balloons light up online, it’s something!

Photo : F.Braure / Jade F


Back in the day of Thursday, July 30

Back in the day of Thursday, July 30 2048 1365 presse

Two beautiful flights for this day Thursday, July 30!

A beautiful sunrise this morning at 6:30am, pilots were waiting for inflating their balloons in optimal conditions. We took advantage of this time to spend a few minutes with Cedric and his team of launchers, responsible for ensuring safety on the launch area. A very good atmosphere reigns between them, all of them are passionate about balloons!

Marion Dalstein, who won the draw on Facebook for a balloon ride, got up early to realize his dream! First flight, first experience in a balloon, she nevertheless dizzy but everything went perfectly! When she returns on the basis of Chambley Planet’Air, Philippe Buron Pilâtre issued him a certificate to keep this souvenir in memory! Then, she took the time to answer to some questions for radio Good Morning Chambley.

During the day, a British pilot came by plane (a Beech B18 of 1952) from Bristol with his upper cloud (balloon without basket, only with a seat) to enjoy the weekend at #LMAB15!

The evening flight was a little “sport“. The wind would not falter facing balloons, forcing pilots to take off late at sunset. A breathtaking spectacle, admiring pictures taken from the helicopter of L’Europe Vue du Ciel!

Photo : F.Braure


Back in the day of Tuesday, July 28

Back in the day of Tuesday, July 28 1800 1200 presse

The weather persists, it will definitely not balloons. But when we are going to take off? “No flight this morning,” announces Thierry Villey at the briefing, the disappointment can be read on many faces as pilots who would take off.

Bob Sisk, president of American Veterans Chambley happened to us in the organization to give us additional items to display in the Aéromusée. With his Texas accent, he can immerse yourself in the history of the US Army in France and his basketball team in which he played. Bob has for several years on the basis of Chambley Planet’Air but he did not visit the American Cemetery Thiaucourt, at few kilometers. So we took the time to accompany him in this peaceful and impressive place. A high point in emotion.

The Arte TV channel team came to do a report in Aéromusée in the early afternoon. In french and german, the subject will be broadcast Arte Junior Journal, magazine and broadcast on Sunday mainly to young people. The team left for the next day hoping to spot balloons and night online!

Every day at 5:30pm a conference was held at the Lab ‘Caisse d’Épargne in BallonVille Partners. Today, Etienne de Laveau from Wibox, presented the benefits of the cloud business.

The first winner of the photo contest organized on Instagram and Facebook Pilâtre de Rozier Organization and Primagaz was announced late in the day! It’s Aline K. who wins with photo for the least unusual: Cannelle, its briquette amid balloons in the village partners! Do not forget to participate, every day a new winner! Post your photo on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag # concoursLMAB15!

The evening briefing was a bit more encouraging: improvement would be in the evening in sight! The drivers were invited to enter the track for 19h to identify the mass takeoffs areas (4 in total). The pilots literally set fire to the track armed speakers and lively music, many began to party in the middle of the tarmac. But at 20h, the new tomb: the direction of flight radio announcement that the winds have not fallen fast enough to allow flight. That will be for tomorrow, fingers crossed!

Photo : F.Braure


Back in the day of Monday, July 27

Back in the day of Monday, July 27 1800 1200 presse

A new day and still no balloons on the horizon. Disappointment certainly, but a lot of hope for future flights.

The guest of Monday, July 27 is Bertrand Piccard! No need to present except that it is a descendant of a pioneer family of humanity, he has achieved a world tour by balloons in 1999 and again this year in that plane solar, no less. The Solar Impulse adventure is promising, Bertrand Piccard explains during his press lunch: #futureisclean! He wants to show the world a cleaner future is possible. “We must save humanity before saving nature, because nature will always survive face the man” he says. Philippe Buron Pilâtre and Bertrand Piccard are very good friends of long standing, at the #LMAB15, Bertrand took the opportunity to offer him a gift: a pen made of the same material as the Solar Impulse airplane. A gift that has really touched the founder of the Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons.

Marathon day for Bertrand Piccard that after testing the Solowheel has chained no less than fifteen interviews (written press, TV, web) throughout the afternoon to finish at France 3 Lorraine with Jean-Christophe Dupuis Remond, web journalist that broadcasts the live interview on internet.

The weather is capricious, it has not escaped to you. So we enjoyed a moment to visit the guidance of flights in the Control Tower with Thierry Villey and Bernard-Henri Dufour (direction of flights), Guy Fradillon and Patrick Singer (controllers), Claude Sales (weather) and Hervé Courtois (Mr Agriculture). Closed and very secure place, we have been able to enter in the workspace of this great team. One thing is certain, nothing is taken lightly to ensure maximum safety for pilots and crews and their passengers.

Back in the late afternoon on the Boulevard Saint Exupery to take the temperature to BallonVille Public entertainment. “In the belly of a ball” is full house with over 2000 peoples ingested for the day Sunday! The mini hot air balloons construction and water rockets is also very popular with the young.

The evening has not been more lenient to the weather, but that did not stop the guests partners to come in, especially at the lodge of the Lorraine Region, which received the Social Economic and Environmental Council of Lorraine (CESEL).


Back in the day of Sunday, July 26

Back in the day of Sunday, July 26 1800 1013 presse

433! This is the crazy daily number! 433 balloons were inflated on 3 lines this morning on the runway of Chambley Planet’Air, a show that has not failed Maître Christophe Dzelebdzic (bailiff in Briey) to set the new record. The pilots were overexcited at the very thought of entering the runway, parking atmosphere guaranteed! One thing is sure, Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons, is “Nowhere Else”!

For the occasion, we followed Bertrand Piccard and his “Breitling Orbiter”. He flew amid the balloons with 432 others on board and Gérard Feldzer and Jean-François Clervoy for a flight of nearly 2h30mins!

The Sunday is also marked by mass of Father Lorinet nations, priest and pilot at a time! A crowd of nearly 200 people gathered inside the chapel.

The day of July 26th is dedicated to the veterans of the former NATO base Chambley. Bob Sisk, President Chambley Air Base France Veterans and Bob Ferguson. They arrived on the air base during their childhood. Today they were invited for daily press lunch together with Bertrand Piccard, Gérard Feldzer and a dozen journalists. Bob Sisk took the opportunity to speak with his Texas accent of its own to deliver a moving speech about his experience in Chambley.

Because of the bad weather, model balloons were not out tonight, an animation that appeals enormously to children and adults! We hope to see them quickly!

Fingers crossed for the flight tomorrow morning 🙂

Photo : F.Braure / A.Even

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Back in the day of Saturday, July 25

Back in the day of Saturday, July 25 1800 1013 presse

No flight for the second day of #LMAB15 but the time was the official opening of the event with the presence of Jean-Pierre Masseret, President of the Regional Council of Lorraine, Philippe Richert, President of the Regional Council of Alsace, and Philippe Buron Pilâtre, founder of Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons.

They took full advantage of the afternoon to travel the boulevard Saint-Exupéry and discover all the activities and exhibitors of the site. Let’s go “In the belly of a balloon”, at the sports village, the water rockets, the model balloons stand for the younger and much more! Then head to “BallonVille Partner” for an official speech in the presence of Nadine Morano, MEP. The disappointment was read on some faces at the end of the pilot briefing announcing bad weather incompatible with flying balloons.

The evening ended with a beautiful flight of mini balloons in BallonVille Public. Small compensation for the frustration of visitors who have admired their elders.

Photo : F.Braure / P.Bodez

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Back in the day of Friday, July 24

Back in the day of Friday, July 24 1800 1200 presse

A beautiful sunny day for the start of #LMAB15 but has given way to a capricious sky in the early evening. This first day unfortunately did not allow flights balloons, but pilots and crews were all very happy to be there to feel the unique atmosphere that prevails here in Chambley Planet’Air. More than 1,000 turned up for the balloonists drivers briefing later in the day to 6pm.

Many visitors have ventured along the boulevard Saint Exupéry discover the exhibitors and the proposed entertainment. “In the belly of a balloon” is always much appreciated by the public! Volunteers took up their duties with great enthusiasm (they all wear a blue vest “organisation”), if you have a question feel free, they will be happy to help you!

Faithful friend of LMAB, Bertrand PICCARD joined us in the day to fully enjoy every moment of this 14th edition. You can see him in the sky during the next takeoffs, the elongated shape of his balloon and its name “Breitling Orbiter” are easily recognizable.

The evening was not conducive to a hot air balloon flight, but very rainy sky has nevertheless offered us a wonderful gift: a beautiful double rainbow in the sky captured in photo below!

Photo : F.Braure

Photo : F.Braure

Here it is !

Here it is ! 1024 683 presse

July, 24th 2015 : it’s the Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons 2015👍👍👍 Rendez-vous at 4pm for opening !

🇺🇸 Don’t forget our social networks

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Instagram : https://instagram.com/mondialairballons/
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Official Hashtag : ‪#‎LMAB15‬


Guests for #LMAB15

Guests for #LMAB15 965 600 presse

Every two years, the Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons floods the Lorraine sky with balloons to the delight of all! Each edition has its share of famous guests, and 2015 is no exception to the rule, since we will be pleased to welcome:

Jean-François CLERVOY
Lorrain of origin and born in Longeville-les-Metz, he graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure of Aeronautics and Space of Toulouse. He was in three space missions: in 1994 to study the composition of Earth’s atmosphere and the effects of solar energy; in 1997 for docking the space shuttle to the Mir station and coordinate the transfer of 4 tons of material; in 1999 for a servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope.

Gerard Feldzer
This is an experienced pilot, director of the Air and Space Museum (2005 to 2010). It has always contributed to the development of a dynamic aviation. President of the Aero Club of France (1994-2005), he remains an active member of several structures related to the world of air. He was the first to cross the English Channel in ULM (1981) and PPG (1985).

Prior to the airfield that we know, Chambley Planet’Air was a military air base of NATO. Chambley Air Base has welcomed 1953-1967 many American soldiers. Among them, Bob Sisk, now President of the American Association of veterans Chambley Air Base France.

Bertrand PICCARD
This renowned balloonist is one of two authors, Brian Jones, the first world tour in a balloon in 1999 on board the Breitling Orbiter 3. Faithful companion of LMAB, Bertrand PICCARD never misses such appointments, even when he is busy aboard Solar Impulse, the solar airplane that is currently under maintenance in Hawaii. His journey will continue at the beginning of 2016.

Jean-Paul DAVID
Jean-Paul David is a designer born in 1966. He envisioned the character of Mam’Goudig in 1995. This funny lady Mam’Goudig is rather a grandma to whom one does not, one who wears the pants, tender and naughty, pledged a certain sense of humor. The idea was born Mam’Goudig kindergarten

Escandra SALIM
Escandra Salim is the Executive Director of “Festival Internacional del Glodo” de León (Mexico) which has existed since 2003. It is the largest gathering of hot air balloons in Latin America.

Great artist and painter, with his own style he was noticed around the world. Michel Granger is sought by many organizations particularly affectionnant the talent of this artist without borders: UNICEF, UNESCO, Amnesty International, the Cannes Film Festival in 2001, Reporters without Borders or the Red Cross.

Signature of the agreement of farmers

Signature of the agreement of farmers 1800 1200 presse

Gérard Renouard, president of the Fédération Régionale des Syndicats d’Exploitants Agricoles (FRSEA) of Lorraine, came this morning to Chambley Planet’Air to sign an agreement between farmers and balloon pilots. The aim is firstly to establish a protocol in case of disputes between the two parties, and secondly to respect certain instructions to property and activities of farmers.

It agreed such as drivers and escorts will:

  • avoid overflying at low altitude cattle
  • avoid passages of vehicles on unharvested plots
  • prevent wandering animals during a landing in a park

Regarding incidents of order equipment, a statement is drawn up amicably between the two parties to initiate a compensation procedure.

Daniel Charpentier signed this convention with Philippe Buron Pilâtre, present as Chairman of the association Les Portes du Ciel.

Photo : F.Braure

Photo : F.Braure

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