Back in the day of Sunday, July 26

Back in the day of Sunday, July 26

Back in the day of Sunday, July 26 1800 1013 Mondial Air Ballons

433! This is the crazy daily number! 433 balloons were inflated on 3 lines this morning on the runway of Chambley Planet’Air, a show that has not failed Maître Christophe Dzelebdzic (bailiff in Briey) to set the new record. The pilots were overexcited at the very thought of entering the runway, parking atmosphere guaranteed! One thing is sure, Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons, is “Nowhere Else”!

For the occasion, we followed Bertrand Piccard and his “Breitling Orbiter”. He flew amid the balloons with 432 others on board and Gérard Feldzer and Jean-François Clervoy for a flight of nearly 2h30mins!

The Sunday is also marked by mass of Father Lorinet nations, priest and pilot at a time! A crowd of nearly 200 people gathered inside the chapel.

The day of July 26th is dedicated to the veterans of the former NATO base Chambley. Bob Sisk, President Chambley Air Base France Veterans and Bob Ferguson. They arrived on the air base during their childhood. Today they were invited for daily press lunch together with Bertrand Piccard, Gérard Feldzer and a dozen journalists. Bob Sisk took the opportunity to speak with his Texas accent of its own to deliver a moving speech about his experience in Chambley.

Because of the bad weather, model balloons were not out tonight, an animation that appeals enormously to children and adults! We hope to see them quickly!

Fingers crossed for the flight tomorrow morning 🙂

Photo : F.Braure / A.Even

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