D+1 – A beautiful anniversary’s start

D+1 – A beautiful anniversary’s start

D+1 – A beautiful anniversary’s start 800 500 Mondial Air Ballons

For the first day of the GEMAB, the weather played on our nerves until the end. On Chambley Planet’Air base, the sun has turn by turn warmed up the hearts – and bodies – of our volunteers and played hide and seek
with the clouds. Meanwhile, Helios blew hot and cold… Nonetheless, our weather team knew how to find the
perfect time slot to allow our colorful bubbles to take off right in front of our first spectators and guests. The
party was able to begin on a high note and the day ended with a beautiful starry sky. We could not have dreamed of more favourable auspices for this thirtieth year.

Pilots – Queue or go home

What would a GEMAB be without pilots to offer this spectacular and colorful sky of hot air balloons ?
Since Thursday, more than 500 pilots have arrived on the site of the event. Among them, some come from far
far away such as the Israeli pilot or the one from Taiwan who flies a hot air balloon in the shape of a bear. The great team of Sarah LAURENT welcomed them warmly and in the best of conditions. On this occasion,
the pilots received badges and credentials giving them access to the different areas of the site as well as the ‘Bonjour Card’, the loyalty card used to make purchases at the bar, in the pilots restaurant as well as in the official shop of the GEMAB.

Pilots – A Solar birthday

Yesterday was the 3rd birthday of the Solar Impulse’s round-the-world trip, the first solar plane to realise
such an achievement! Bertrand Piccard has been thinking about this ambitious project since 1999. It will have taken nearly 13 years, and more than a hundred people working on the project to realise this dream. One after the other, Bertrand Piccard and his acolyte have flied their “bird” made of composite material and supplied by solar energy. This round-the-world trip allowed them to present their project to various publics: political, scientific and curious people from all around the world. This year again, Bertrand Piccard honours us of his presence. Maybe you will pass him on one of the villages!

Pilots – Biopropane makes us fly!

It is a first at the GEMAB: all of our hot air balloons are flying thanks to Biopropane. It is a 100% renewable biogas. No change in installation nor in equipment is required. This gas reduces by 80% the emissions of carbon dioxide while keeping the properties of the propane. It is produced from biomasses – mostly from industrial or vegetal inputs – and is thus more respectful of the environment. Located at the heart of the Lorraine Regional Nature Reserve, a remarkable natural area, the #GEMAB promotes an approach respectful of the environment.

Partners – The LAB’ Caisse d’Epargne freshens up

Dream, passion, innovation and willfulness to take action. It is in the LAB’ Caisse d’Epargne that we put those four values in the spotlight! In this area, several dozen startups and innovative firms are presenting their projects during ten days. A true swarm of innovations and animation to be discovered between 4 and 8 pm with daily conferences and pitch contests. We hope that many of you will visit this area which will make you realise that future is is on the brink of tomorrow.

Public -Astronomy enthusiasts

On the Boulevard, the stand of CICAME led by Maurice MARTIN and Philippe SOLES, two astronomy enthusiasts, offers an exhibition on Apollo. These astronomy clubs from the Northeast of France present models that helps to better understand the way our solar system works.Among these astronomy clubs, the Allamps Club – for which Maurice Martin is in charge – also proposes to adults and children its 27th astronomy training to better understand the dimensions of our solar system. It will take place next October. The astronomy evenings organized during the Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons will be animated by the Astronomy Clubs of Amneville and Metz this year.

Public – Welcome at the Grand Est Tourism stand

As the #GEMAB19’s first partner, Grand Est has obviously a stand in the public village. It aims to promote actions that are at the heart of the Grande Region, such as the installation of high-speed optical fiber or the implementation of its new regional transport brand: Fluo. The stand also offers the opportunity to discover regional products and to highlight the cultural heritage of five touristic destinations: Champagne, Ardennes, Vosges, Alsace and Lorraine. A photo booth «Shooting Box» is also available to the public to take a souvenir of the event, as well as a virtual reality helmet that allow them to observe 360 ° landscapes of our beautiful region.


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