The noria of trucks has started

The noria of trucks has started

The noria of trucks has started 1800 1200 Mondial Air Ballons

The noria of trucks has started

In general, it starts with the 1m and 2m fences. Almost 4,000 metres to cover all the sensitive areas. Then come the toilets, the portacabins, the tents, the electricity, the telephony. More than a hundred lorries will bring the material necessary to set up the site. The whole jigsaw puzzle, patiently designed over the last twenty months, is finally falling into place. And as the event industry does not do any favours, all that remains to be done is to manage the unexpected, the rain, the sun, the last minute authorisations. Chasing after the last lost packages. After the Safety Commission visit, the moment will come when all the volunteers will arrive. And the aircraft carrier will leave the harbour to sail, hoping that the heavy weather will not be with us.

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