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1. Pilot registrations

1.1. The pilot space

1.1.1 How to join GEMAB23 ?

To register: go to our registration page, create your pilot account and add your balloon.

Please note: a registration is only valid once the registration fee has been paid.

1.1.2 Confirmation of registration

Your registration will only be effective once the payment has been received by the organiser. A confirmation email will be sent to you in the following days to confirm your registration.

1.1.3 Adding an additional pilot to your balloon ?

It is possible to register one or more pilots on the same balloon, these are the “additional” pilots. Adding an additional pilot is free.

To add one or more additional pilots to a balloon, they must create a pilot account. They will then have to send you their licence number, which you will have to enter in the “Additional pilots” section of your balloon.

1.1.4 I submitted my papers in the previous edition, do I have to send everything back ?

Yes. Trust does not exclude control ! The regulations require us to check their validity.

1.1.5 Deadline for submission of documents

The deadline for submission of documents is Thursday 30 June 2023 at 23:59 local time (France UTC +1). After this period, the Pilot Space will be closed. If you are going to be late, you must inform us.

1.2. Terms and conditions of participation

1.2.1 Current regulations

According to the decree of 10 November 2021 relating to air shows, all participants must hold a valid GLP licence* and have a minimum of 50 ascents as a hot-air balloon pilot, including at least 3 in the 180 days preceding the public air show. 

Maintenance of competence must meet the following criteria: Completion of at least 6 hours and at least 10 flights in a 24 month period & completion of one satisfactory training flight with an instructor every 48 months.

* Requirement = valid class 2 medical certificate + maintenance of skills

Warning: The BGTA (Brigade de Gendarmerie des Transports Aériens) will be present on site to carry out random checks.

1.2.2 Have a valid medical certificate

A valid Class 2 medical certificate must be provided.
If not, please contact us.

1.2.3 Present valid insurance

All participants must be insured and present an insurance certificate for themselves and the aircraft(s) they are flying, valid for the entire duration of the event. The minimum amount of third party liability cover for non-transported third parties and occupants must comply with the provisions of EC Regulation 785/2004.
The policy shall include participation in public events and/or flying competitions and cover shall be extended to France.

1.2.4 What are the requirements to register a cloudhopper?

A special cloudhopper offer is available if the following conditions are met:

  1. Have previously registered at least one balloon.
  2. Do not have an additional pilot registered.
  3. Do not fly the 1st balloon and the cloudhopper during the same flight.

If these conditions are met, then the registration of a cloudhopper is offered.

1.2.5 Claiming a refund

Refund requests are possible until 30 June 2023, 23:59 local time (France UTC+1). Registration cancellation fee = 10% of the fee.

After this date, no refunds for any reason whatsoever will be made.

1.2.6 Flying with a balloon of a different nationality to your licence

To fly with a balloon of a different nationality than your licence, you will have to send us the visa of your licence by the authority of the country of registration of the balloon you will fly.

2. During the event

2.1 What is the radio frequency of flight during the event?

The radio frequency of the Chambley airfield is 120.405 MHz.

2.2 What are the briefing times?

To participate in the morning flight you must attend the briefing at 5.45am and for the evening flight the briefing at 6.30pm.

2.3 What equipment is required to fly at GEMAB?

Refer to the manufacturer’s flight manual. But again, every participating pilot must be equipped with a VHF radio and a quick release.

2.4 Is it possible to offer paid first flights?

No. The organiser is the only one authorised to market and manage passenger flights for the Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons 2023 event.

It reserves the right to take legal action against offenders notwithstanding permanent exclusion from the event and declines all responsibility for damage or injury caused by unauthorised pilots.

2.5 Is it possible to take off from the flight zone of your choice?

No. The flight area is divided into four flight zones (blue / green / yellow / red) within the airfield. Pilots are assigned to a colored area. They must, under penalty of exclusion, respect the area allocated to them and affix the coloured tarpaulin issued to them at the pilot’s reception as well as the car pass.

2.6 Are there any flight zones to be respected ?

A map is provided with zones to be respected (Natura 2000 zone not to be overflown at less than 150 meters, military zones, prohibited zone…).

All offences will be penalised in proportion to the seriousness of the offence.

2.7 Where can you park your trailer during the event?

It is possible to leave your trailer on the Chambley airfield site in the pilot parking area. The site is guarded by a private security company during the event. However, please do not leave any valuables. The organisation declines all responsibility in case of vandalism, loss or theft of objects on the site.

2.8 Is gas provided on arrival on Friday 21 July?

Except for balloons travelling by air or sea, you must arrive with your full gas cylinders by Friday evening. The first filling is done after the first Friday night flight (20:30 – 23:30).

2.9 Can I have my balloon landed at the airfield?

We accept boarding balloons. If your balloon is travelling alone and its transit dates at Chambley airfield do not coincide with yours, we can provide temporary storage. There are two conditions for taking advantage of this service: you must be duly registered and notify us. Be sure to label your balloon clearly with your name, the balloon’s registration number and our address:

Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation

11 boulevard Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Hangar G/6 – Aérodrome de Chambley

F-54470 Hagéville

We accept balloons from 17 July until the evening of 7 August 2023.

After these dates, our offices will be closed.

2.10 Can I fly in Chambley outside the event?

During the event, a Temporary Restricted Area (TRA) is created to ensure the safety of air traffic. Outside the dates of the Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons, the airfield is open to public air traffic, so it is possible to fly as long as the rules in force are respected. Please note that Chambley aerodrome is an uncontrolled aerodrome, it operates on a self-information basis.

Reminder of Chambley airfield radio frequency 120.405 MHz

2.11 During the event, can I take off outside the aerodrome?

No. All flights are organised from the airfield.

3. Accommodation & Pilots’ Square

3.1 Where to sleep during the Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons?

On-site accommodation is available via Pilots’ Square (camping). Please note that places are limited. Don’t forget to book quickly.

Gîtes, bed and breakfasts, hotels, campsites… Choose the accommodation of your choice from over 300 possibilities near Chambley. Visit our page on accommodation in the Chambley area.


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