Sale, management and maintenance of hot air balloons

A hot air balloon is a profitable investment, we manage the rest for you. We manage a year-round fleet of a dozen hot air balloons that we fly in the Grand Est, in Europe and around the world.

We are professionals who combine image management with technical services. We allow you to multiply the benefits of your investment.

Our company offers

– Services adapted to the specific requirements of the company and its communication strategy
– A customized investment with the provision of aerostatic equipment (envelope, basket, burner, fan, and human resources)
– Quality infrastructures on the Chambley airfield, the ideal place to organize remarkable operations
– A propane refueling station unique in the world.

The little extras

– A maintenance and servicing workshop approved N°FR.CAO.0025 by the OSAC.
– Exclusive importer of Head Balloons (in France), a company with a 30 years experience in the manufacturing of hot air balloons.
– We work with different manufacturers around the world to best meet your needs.
– The site is accessible 7 days a week.

PILÂTRE DE ROZIER S.I.G.A. est la fière détentrice du certificat de type [EASA .BA.119] de cinq modèles d’enveloppes de montgolfières de type MA-18 à MA-35.
The transfer was officially endorsed on 15/04/2021 by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).
You can count on us to ensure continuing airworthiness compliance of PILATRE DE ROZIER AEROSTATS.
In this regard, we recommend the services of our partner L’ATELIER DE LA MONTGOLFIERE (CAMO approved) in Witry-lès-Reims.
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Pilâtre de Rozier Aerostats Flight and Maintenance manual (last updated edition)

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