Flash back to the history of ballooning

For over two centuries, hot-air balloon fascinates by maintaining the delicate paradox of being both “in” and “out of fashion”. Depending on the period of its history, it has been a craft dedicated to military, entertainment or show purpose, but also a tool of discovery and multiple records. At the beginning of the third millennium, it remains one of the few vehicles that has not suffered the fate of other means of locomotion of its age: oblivion. It has cultivated this extraordinary past in combining tradition and innovation.

Man has always dreamed of flying! Since the legend of Icarus (wings cast toward the sun) and Leonardo da Vinci (who in his studio has designed what will allow, from the 18th century, the conquest of the third dimension), man has always sought to conquer the sky. We owe the Montgolfier brothers, two paper manufacturers in Annonay (Ardèche – France), the magical invention of the hot-air balloon. But the honor of being the first captain of an aircraft belongs to Jean-François Pilatre de Rozier (Lorraine – France). An exceptional test pilot indeed!

Since its birth in 1783, the “Old Lady of the Air” has gained ground. Hot-air balloon has captivated lovers of nature and landscapes. Some of its followers have also gone down the road of competition. Ballooning is now a real sport with rules and a federation. Ballooning is impressive, original and a source of dreams and admiration. It remains an extraordinary communication tool. Both tourist attraction, transport and hobby, the lighter-than-air has found its place in modern life while keeping its old-time soul.

Reference : Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation