Back in the day of Friday, July 31

Back in the day of Friday, July 31

Back in the day of Friday, July 31 2048 1365 Pilâtre de Rozier

Fabulous and nowhere else. These are words that come to mind when looking at the images of the flight this morning so the atmosphere was great. A mist came sublimate off area Chambley Planet’Air with around 410 balloons. A great show!

The day of Friday, July 31 is devoted to the flights director team. The opportunity to pay tribute to him for all the work and sometimes difficult decisions to ensure the safety of all. Some are in the LMAB since a long time, long time as Thierry VILLEY who was already present in 1989! Guy Fradillon and PatrickSinger are based controllers, Claude Sales is the talented Mr. Weather and finally the man in the hat: Colonel Hervé Courtois, Mr. Agriculture.

In keeping with the theme, we visited the whole team at the control tower to watch a weather statement with Claude Sales. A fascinating and highly technical process! However, we can not get flight informations by Claude Sales before the fateful hour.

Just before the drivers briefing, the company Head Balloons (Balloon US manufacturer, which Pilâtre de Rozier Organization is the only representative in France) inaugurated its presentation stand in the presence of Philippe Buron Pilâtre, founder of the Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons.

Shortly before the opening of the track to the pilots for flight in the evening, Cedric and his team of launchers rolled up their sleeves to clean the launch area. The site is at the heart of the regional park of Lorraine, we must respect!

Unfortunately the wind will gain power in the evening, preventing the balloons flying in front of a large audience.

Photo : F.Braure and P.Bodez