The AéroMusée reopens its doors

The AéroMusée reopens its doors

The AéroMusée reopens its doors 2560 1920 Pilâtre de Rozier

The AéroMusée reopens its doors

Following french government announcements in the field of deconfinement, the Pilâtre de Rozier AeroMusée will reopen its doors on Wednesday 19 May 2021.
After long months of hibernation, this emblematic place which combines the history of the Chambley base from 1954 to 1967 (time of the cold war and the American presence) and the history of the ballooning since 1783, will be accessible to the public. A first group of schoolchildren is expected on Friday 28 May for a discovery class.

The flagship attraction of the balloon flight simulator (virtual reality) is also operating again.

Please note that the organisation of the #GEMAB21 will disrupt the opening dates.

Exceptional closure during the setting up and dismantling phases: from Monday 28 June to Thursday 22 July inclusive and from Monday 02 to Sunday 22 August inclusive.

On the other hand, during the event, from Friday 23 July to Sunday 01 August inclusive, the opening hours will be extended and the offer enriched:

  • “Uncle Jean’s lectures” programme in the auditorium
  • New space dedicated to the astronaut Michael Collins
  • Special rate: admission €1