13 Oct 2022

Among the many activities practiced at Pilâtre de Rozier, we can mention the most original. Flying passengers! This is a regulated activity: we are an airline company. Whether it is in the morning at dawn or in the evening at the end of the day, the future candidates to the flight are all very impatient to take the air. After the mandatory and regulatory explanations, they are invited to participate in the setup of the balloon. Finally they go up, a little surprised by the narrowness of the basket which will lead them to a few hundred meters of altitude. A glance at the envelope already filled with hot air and it is the top departure. The balloon rises slowly. The cameras come out, the faces are happy. After one hour of flight, we return to earth. The recovery vehicle arrives at the foot of the gondola and we make our way back, this time by road. After the diploma of first flight and the pin which attest of the experience, return at home the eyes filled with memories.