First flight
A first flight in a hot-air balloon at GRAND EST MONDIAL AIR BALLONS®... In addition to the pleasure of discovering this activity, you will relish the experience in the heart of the flight of hundreds of balloons!

Book your hot air balloon first flight

The rate for a flight in a balloon is 250€ incl.VAT/person for a flight about an hour… and a two-hour adventure with a professional crew!

> Before the event,  the official Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons® flight tickets are sold exclusively at the office of the organization (tel. +33 3 82 33 77 77) and 7/7 on our website.
> During the event, the tickets are sold at the ticket office at the entrance of Ballonville Public.

Payment is due upon booking* by credit card, wire transfer or cash. As soon as we receive the payement, we send you the tickets at your place.
*Reservations will be within the limit of available seats. 

The balloon flights take place every day, twice in the cool part of the day, early morning from 6:15 am and late afternoon from 6:30 pm, subject to weather conditions.

In case of inclement weather, your flight ticket will be at your discretion postponed or refunded, subject to you being present D-Day for registration on the fiesta field.


  • No less than 19 flights are scheduled from Friday 23 July to Sunday 01 August 2021 « in the cool », at the beginning and end of the day, subject to weather conditions.

    In the event of unfavorable weather conditions, the flight will be postponed or refunded at your discretion, provided you present yourself at the check-in desk at the ticket office on the day.

  • If you have booked a hot air balloon ride, here are the schedules to be respected:

    Morning flight: 6:15 am (Check-in limit)

    Evening flight: 6:30 pm (Registration limit)

    Registration takes place at the ticket booth located on the East entrance side of the event.

  • Balloons must fly in a stable atmosphere with winds less than 10 knots (18 km/h) and on an event like GEMAB at less than 5 knots. This is impossible in the middle of the day in the summer. On the other hand, in winter, the atmosphere is more stable and we can fly during the day.

  • A flight lasts on average one hour. But the passenger is involved in the preparation of the flight and the return after the flight. The balloon does not return to its point of departure, it is a vehicle on the ground that comes to pick up the pilot, his passengers and the balloon.

  • Hot-air ballooning is reserved for older children.

    Indeed, aerostation is a full-fledged sporting activity but still contemplative for the happy passengers.

    A child who is too young or immature will quickly get bored and will not be able to savor this beautiful experience to its true value.

    We do not accept children under 6 years old and measuring less than 1m20. For obvious safety reasons, it is impossible to hold the children in our arms to allow them to enjoy the landscape.

    And any child under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

  • There are adapted gondolas for disabled people. In all cases the opinion of the attending physician is required. Very strongly advised against in case of mental disability. During #GEMAB, we ensure the accessibility of the festival for all with an access and a reserved parking for PRMs, but also adapted sanitary facilities and a priority viewing area with awareness signage for all.

    We certainly welcome one or two balloons with accessible gondolas, but the few places in these gondolas are reserved for the department of Meurthe et Moselle.

  • It is an exceptional discipline. We make few flights per year, buying a balloon is expensive (average 50.000 euros), you also need a vehicle to tow the trailer and bring back the passengers after the flight. You add to that the insurances, the compulsory visits, the repairs and the propane without forgetting the training. But a flight lasts one hour and gives you unforgettable sensations: the price of the exceptional.

  • Weather is not an exact science. It can rain in Metz and Nancy and be sunny on the Chambley airfield. One must take into account the observation in the area where the balloon is located but also regional and national weather reports to anticipate the evolutions. Sometimes an hour before, we don’t know if the winds are going to drop, if the rain is not going to arrive.

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