Back in the day of Monday, July 27

Back in the day of Monday, July 27

Back in the day of Monday, July 27 1800 1200 Pilâtre de Rozier

A new day and still no balloons on the horizon. Disappointment certainly, but a lot of hope for future flights.

The guest of Monday, July 27 is Bertrand Piccard! No need to present except that it is a descendant of a pioneer family of humanity, he has achieved a world tour by balloons in 1999 and again this year in that plane solar, no less. The Solar Impulse adventure is promising, Bertrand Piccard explains during his press lunch: #futureisclean! He wants to show the world a cleaner future is possible. “We must save humanity before saving nature, because nature will always survive face the man” he says. Philippe Buron Pilâtre and Bertrand Piccard are very good friends of long standing, at the #LMAB15, Bertrand took the opportunity to offer him a gift: a pen made of the same material as the Solar Impulse airplane. A gift that has really touched the founder of the Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons.

Marathon day for Bertrand Piccard that after testing the Solowheel has chained no less than fifteen interviews (written press, TV, web) throughout the afternoon to finish at France 3 Lorraine with Jean-Christophe Dupuis Remond, web journalist that broadcasts the live interview on internet.

The weather is capricious, it has not escaped to you. So we enjoyed a moment to visit the guidance of flights in the Control Tower with Thierry Villey and Bernard-Henri Dufour (direction of flights), Guy Fradillon and Patrick Singer (controllers), Claude Sales (weather) and Hervé Courtois (Mr Agriculture). Closed and very secure place, we have been able to enter in the workspace of this great team. One thing is certain, nothing is taken lightly to ensure maximum safety for pilots and crews and their passengers.

Back in the late afternoon on the Boulevard Saint Exupery to take the temperature to BallonVille Public entertainment. “In the belly of a ball” is full house with over 2000 peoples ingested for the day Sunday! The mini hot air balloons construction and water rockets is also very popular with the young.

The evening has not been more lenient to the weather, but that did not stop the guests partners to come in, especially at the lodge of the Lorraine Region, which received the Social Economic and Environmental Council of Lorraine (CESEL).