Back in the day of Tuesday, July 28

Back in the day of Tuesday, July 28

Back in the day of Tuesday, July 28 1800 1200 Pilâtre de Rozier

The weather persists, it will definitely not balloons. But when we are going to take off? “No flight this morning,” announces Thierry Villey at the briefing, the disappointment can be read on many faces as pilots who would take off.

Bob Sisk, president of American Veterans Chambley happened to us in the organization to give us additional items to display in the Aéromusée. With his Texas accent, he can immerse yourself in the history of the US Army in France and his basketball team in which he played. Bob has for several years on the basis of Chambley Planet’Air but he did not visit the American Cemetery Thiaucourt, at few kilometers. So we took the time to accompany him in this peaceful and impressive place. A high point in emotion.

The Arte TV channel team came to do a report in Aéromusée in the early afternoon. In french and german, the subject will be broadcast Arte Junior Journal, magazine and broadcast on Sunday mainly to young people. The team left for the next day hoping to spot balloons and night online!

Every day at 5:30pm a conference was held at the Lab ‘Caisse d’Épargne in BallonVille Partners. Today, Etienne de Laveau from Wibox, presented the benefits of the cloud business.

The first winner of the photo contest organized on Instagram and Facebook Pilâtre de Rozier Organization and Primagaz was announced late in the day! It’s Aline K. who wins with photo for the least unusual: Cannelle, its briquette amid balloons in the village partners! Do not forget to participate, every day a new winner! Post your photo on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag # concoursLMAB15!

The evening briefing was a bit more encouraging: improvement would be in the evening in sight! The drivers were invited to enter the track for 19h to identify the mass takeoffs areas (4 in total). The pilots literally set fire to the track armed speakers and lively music, many began to party in the middle of the tarmac. But at 20h, the new tomb: the direction of flight radio announcement that the winds have not fallen fast enough to allow flight. That will be for tomorrow, fingers crossed!

Photo : F.Braure