How to become a pilot?

25 Jul 2022

We are often asked how to become a pilot. The new European regulations have changed the process somewhat. You must already be over 16 years old, pass through the hands of an aeronautical doctor to validate the aptitude. Then you choose an instructor from a training center. You will have to pass the theoretical training (about 50h00) on the weather, regulations, etc. 9 different themes. Then you will take your exam in a center of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. In parallel, with your instructor you will do the practical part. No less than 20 climbs of at least 16 hours in total with an ascent to 1000 meters. There will also be a solo on board and a confirmation flight with an examiner different from your instructor. At Pilâtre de Rozier, we plan at least one year to obtain his patent, that is to say the four seasons.