Why not invite your clients to the AéroMusée ?

11 Apr 2023

Among the activities of Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation, between April and October, it is possible to book the AéroMusée to organize a reception.
We propose up to 1,500 m² of space for hire, which can be used for all your projects. Ideal if you are looking for an original and quality setting for a professional event of 30 to 500 people. For example, the Michael Collins auditorium with seventy seats, but also two rooms of about 100 square metres.

The whole building is accessible to people with reduced mobility, equipped with a dedicated HD fibre access + wifi.

Parking is easy with several hundred spaces. Regarding the history part of the base and that related to the ballooning in the AéroMusée, we can provide a speaker as well as many films on the hot air balloon. An original idea of destination at the edge of the airfield runways.