Flying hot-air balloons

24 Apr 2023

Among the daily activities practiced within the Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation, we find the management of hot-air balloons. This means that a company or a community convinced of the relevance of this communication medium, which has chosen to acquire it, entrusts Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation with its hot-air balloon to make it fly. The organization puts at its disposal a pilot, a crew and a vehicle. But also, if necessary, the basket, the burner, the fan, the propane tanks. Each time the owner wants to fly its customers, staff, guests, we manage the whole activity as the tracking of the perfect location and the administrative formalities. But also we manage the insurance, storage, maintenance and compliance. It is a regulated activity in the same way as a traditional airline. Flights take place in France, but also abroad such as the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Poland, Japan, Italy, Luxembourg and many others over the years.